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We provide early childhood educators and services with an Early Years teaching platform

Founded on lived experience and a driving desire to prevent young people from developing mental health problems 

Positive Living Skills Star

With children as our core focus, together with a team of psychologists, researchers and early childhood service owners, directors and educators we have developed an evidence-based comprehensive, common language mental health and wellbeing approach.

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How does it work?

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The Positive Living Skills Early Childhood Wellbeing platform and Primary School Wellbeing Program are both available as quality-assured programs in the NSW Department of Education’s Student Wellbeing external programs catalogue in the themes of:

  1. Resilience
  2. Behaviour, and

  3. Sense of Belonging

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The Positive Living Skills Wellbeing programs have been independently reviewed and are listed in the ‘Be You’ Programs Directory.
They meet the minimum evidence requirements set by Be You and have been awarded a rating for evidence and implementation.

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The Positive Living Skills program is showcased in the NSW Mental Health commission’s Living Well Strategic plan for mental health reform in NSW in the Getting in Earlier domain.

The Early Childhood sector is under pressure



Over 75% of educators strongly agree that turnover negatively impacts how children learn & develop as well as their emotional wellbeing more broadly.



82% of current educators say that in the past month they ‘always’ or ‘often’ felt rushed when performing key caring and/or educational tasks.



Services are already understaffed, and providers are reporting having to cap new enrolments because they can’t find enough staff.

*Report Exhausted, undervalued and leaving: the crisis in early education

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Positive Living Skills is proud to incorporate Key Word Sign in our approach. 

Key Word Sign resources are included in the PLS Early Childhood Wellbeing platform subscription to support educators' approach to inclusion for all children. 

Key Word Sign Australia is proudly brought to you by Scope Aust. 

The Key Word Sign line drawings by Key Word Sign Australia (Victoria). Used with permission. 

For more information about Key Word Sign visit

We love supporting educators: 

  • Flexible resource pool of activities, stories, songs, relaxation audios and more

  • Evidence based program mapped to principles, practices and learning outcomes of the EYLF V2.0

  • Pre-populated editable learning stories to help engage families

  • Equipping educators with common sense common language mental health education resources

  • Professional Development included focused on educator wellbeing confidence capacity and communication skills

The evidence based PLS program is specifically designed to support educators to engage children based on the principles practices and learning outcomes of the Early Years Learning Framework V2.0

EYLF Pannel

Prime7 News recently featured how Positive Living Skills is supporting the region in their nightly news bulletin

Experience the Early Childhood Wellbeing Platform with our tour video

See the Key Features and Functions of The Platform and:

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  • Sample learning experience

  • Possa Bill animation

  • Highlights song video

  • Empathy flip book story

Possa Bill 

Learning Experience Possa Bill

Possa Bill is the PLS mascot!
He has a growth mindset; he stands for kindness, confidence, peer support, and more.

Educators engage and connect with children using the puppet throughout group or playtime or learning experience activities. Possa Bill role play options make it super easy for educators to personalise or extend the learning experiences.


Our approach...

What if we taught children about their minds and how their thoughts and feelings interact to affect their behaviours and outcomes?

What if we taught children about appreciation and gratitude, kindness and empathy and respect for self and others and that life is a rollercoaster of events and emotions?

What if services could support educator capacity with confidence building pre-prepared EYLF resources? 

Content is based on the concepts of emotional intelligence, focus, appreciation, relaxation, cooperation, growth mindset and communication so that children can develop healthy self esteem and positive relationships with themselves and others.

Positive Living Skills Star

Teaching PLS concepts 

Positive Living Skills Star

Through Repetition
and Practice

Positive Living Skills Star

Positive Living Skills become habitual

EC Pricing

What's included:

49 digital flexible play-based learning experiences
    mapped to EYLF

Library of audio and flip books 

Relaxation audios, songs and posters

Possa Bill animation stories

 Pre-filled editable Learning Story templates

Searchable comprehensive resource library

Tips for transitions and school readiness

Activities for 0-3 Years for all concepts 

Shareable family newsletters for the 6 concepts

Free mental wellbeing resources to share with families via the 'PLS Family Link Online Hub' 

3 x Online 'on-demand' educator PD sessions on Focus, Leadership and Self-Care

Each session provides 90 mins of Professional Learning, and includes online workbooks

Self-paced straight forward onboarding process for educators

Key Word Sign Concept flash cards 

User-friendly and secure online platform 

A welcome pack including: PB puppet, posters, happy highlight clickers, flash cards and more

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Pricing Options:


PLS Star
PLS Star

1 - 5 users

$770/year+ gst

6 -15 users

$880/year + gst

16 + users

$990/year + gst





Family daycare


Outside Hours School Care

Who does the program support?

 Long Day Care Centres


Family Day Care

Family Strengthening Services


Child and Family Psychology Practices

Early Intervention Services​

Outside School Hours Care Services

* Auto renewable 12 month subscription

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Would you like more information?

Book a free discovery session with Catherine Shaw, the Founder of the Positive Living Skills Initiative.

During the one-on-one consultation, we can further explore how the program could best support your educators, learn more about the features and how other services are implementing the program in their services.

Early Childhood Wellbeing

Frequently asked questions

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The PLS Early Childhood Wellbeing Program is available as a quality-assured program in the NSW Department of Education’s Student Wellbeing external programs catalogue in the theme/themes of Behaviour/Resilience/Sense of Belonging.

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