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Early Childhood Wellbeing Program

Positive Living Skills supports educators with an evidence-based learning curriculum including play-based activities, songs and stories, with a common language approach to teaching children the fundamental skills for emotional fitness.

Feedback suggests that children using the program are:

  • more aware of their own feelings and the feelings of others as they develop empathy

  • kinder, more socially skilled with improved cooperation skills

  • more able to understand that learning new skills takes persistence and practice

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The Positive Living Skills Early Childhood Wellbeing Program has been independently reviewed and is listed in the Be You Programs Directory. It meets the minimum evidence requirements set by Be You and has been awarded a rating for evidence and implementation. 

Early Childhood Wellbeing Program
Mental Health Resources

PLS supports educators through:

  • pre-populated editable learning story templates that can be personalised and customised with photos ready to share with families

  • activity guides, transition tips, EYLF and VELDF guides, resource library of songs, stories, posters and more

  • 3 x in depth self-paced professional development sessions aimed to support educator wellbeing (topics include leadership, focus and self-care)

PLS supports families and communities through:

  • The Family Link online hub filled with FREE songs, guided relaxation audios, activities and more for children 0-5, 6-12 and 13+ years

    Each PLS concept includes newsletters to share with families.

  • Improving mental wellbeing and positive life skills from educating children at a young age

Free mental wellbeing resources
The early years of a child’s life are crucial to future health, development, learning and wellbeing

The Positive Living Skills program is designed to support educators to meet the principles, practices and outcomes

of the Early Years Learning Framework and prevent mental health problems before they develop so communities can

support future generations of people who are happier, more focused, and effective contributors in life.

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PLS teaches fundamental skills for:

mental wellbeing concepts

What early learning service directors and educators are saying:

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‘There was a gap there, a need for us to find a program that would help us support the children and the families in our community. The program helps children to acknowledge their feelings, to communicate, to relax,to get along with others,and PossaBill and his mottos have taught us a lot about the sort of people we want to be.’

Rebecca Cragg, Director,
Logan Reserve, Qld
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‘I love the program. To be able to assist a child, a family, with mental health, and if I can impact kids from such a young age, I’m more than happy. That’s my main goal.’

Fotini Tsilinikos, Director,
San Souci NSW
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'We’re receiving a lot of good feedback from families, about the children recognizing and identifying things that they may not have identified before or even been vocal about, like their feelings and emotions’,

Maria, Director,
Sydney NSW
PLS Early Childhood Wellbeing Program
12 month online subscription
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When your early learning service subscribes to PLS, you gain access to: 

 48 digital scripted evidence-based learning experiences 

'Story Time' Library

 Relaxation audios 


 Possa Bill animation stories 

Downloadable Learning Story templates

 Downloadable coloured Posters  

 Tips for transitions and school readiness

 Activities for 0-3 years 

 Access to online ‘on demand’ educator Professional Development sessions. Topics include: 

Building Effective Leadership skills,  

Success Strategies for Self-Care/Stress Management and

Enhancing Positive Focus skills 

✓ Family Newsletters  

 Resources to share with families via the PLS ‘Family Link’ 

Your service will also receive a Welcome Kit in the mail, including:

  • A plush Possa Bill mascot puppet

  • Your PLS service poster 

  • Happy Highlight clickers

  • PLS concept 'flash cards' with lanyard, and more!


Annual Auto Renewable Pricing Options

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12 Monthly Instalments

1-5 users $65/month +gst
6-15 users $75/month +gst
16+ users $85/month +gst

Price options:

Annual Auto Renewable subscription

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1-5 users $660/year +gst
6-15 users $770/year +gst
16+ users $880/year +gst

Prices options:

Annual Auto Renewable subscription

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